Sade dedicated this song to the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity - caring for children (and their families) with terminal / life threatening illnesses.  I didn't realise that until I'd heard it a few times and noticed how the lyrics pretty much sum up how I feel. I thought I'd share them with you...

Quietly while you were asleep
the moon and I were talking
I asked that she'd always keep
you protected
She promised you her light
that you so gracefully carry
You bring your light and shine
like the morning
And then the wind pulls the
clouds across the moon
Your light fills the darkest room
And I can see the miracle that
keeps us from falling
She promised
all the sweetest gifts
that only the heavens
could bestow
You bring your light and shine
like morning
And as you so gracefully give
her light as long as you live
I will always remember
this moment