Well its been quite a busy week for Sadie and next week is busy again.  Luckily she's in very good spirits and seems to be enjoying herself - lots of laughing, smiling and gurgling!

This week we've seen Sadie do a half roll (as already posted) and she now spends most of each morning thrashing about trying to roll over; so the determination is well and truly there and its only a matter of time - GO SADIE!!!

As you know, Sadie had her 6 months birthday on Wednedsay and she had a really good day.  Then on Thursday Sadie and I went to visit Auntie Amy, Eleanor (3) and Beth (2).  Sadie really seems to enjoy the company of other children and its so lovely to see my friends' children interacting with her. Beth loves helping Sadie by pushing her dummy back in for her and El and Beth both sing lovely songs to her too.

For many months initially we were very concerned about Sadie meeting young children because we don't know how well Sadie will be able to fight off any bugs, as many kids with Edwards seem to have low immune systems but we are starting to take small steps in letting Sadie spend time with children as we want her to have fun and to experience as many things as she can.  She certainly enjoys it so we think we have the right balance at the moment and hope to gradually build on that so that Sadie can spend more time with children as she grows (and she's growing fast!).

Sadie's a fast learner we think. She's making new noises each day and has started to do a high pitched very girly squeal when she's tired and wants her dummy.  Its very cute but I don't reckon the neighbours would agree!  Sadie's sleeping in her own room in a cot nowadays and she enjoys all her coloured lights and nursery rhymes.  Sadie doesn't sleep through, so its pretty tiring but you get used to it and its lovely to see her beam at us when we go in to feed her.

Unlike my daughter, I am not learning fast... I decided to get back into wearing heels this week so on Thursday I opted for a killer pair of wedges (I don't do things by halves) and soon realised how ridiculous I was as I had to scale round my car and then totter up Amy's drive clutching Sadie in her car seat.  I was walking like a child in their mum's shoes! I have lost the ability to do heels I think and have well and truly learnt my lesson that babies and heels do not mix - how on earth do the WAGs do it?!

Sadie's grandparents are over later for a BBQ to celebrate her 6 months.  It seems to be the one day this summer that is not in the least suitable for BBQing but we shall not give in!  Drew is being banished to the garden to cook whilst I'll find some way of busying myself inside where its warm and dry.

Finally.... we also had a very happy discovery this week when we learnt that Sadie is to become a big sister.  Its early days yet and we think the baby is due in late Feb.  We're a bit nervous as I am sure can be expected but we're are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming a new baby into our family and we want to enjoy celebrating and enjoying the new pregnancy.  We're going to need lots of strength to keep calm and not to become over anxious.  We also need to ensure we continue to give Sadie all that she needs, but we know we can do it and that it will be wonderful.

We think Sadie will love being a big sister as she'll be 14 months old by then and may be a little more interactive.  We know in terms of the dreaded statistics that Sadie is unlikely to be with us by then, but I just don't believe that.  Deep down I think Sadie will stay with us for as long as her body lets her and at the moment that looks good to me.  With all my heart, I want Sadie to meet and know her sibling and I'll continue to hope and pray for that.