Big day today... Drew, Sadie and I are off to Macc hospital to meet Sadie's physiotherapist, Lisa plus a rep from Leckey to discuss their Early Intervention sleep system (  Sadie has low tone, which means she can't support her head well and has not developed the strength other babies would normally have developed at 6 months.  She's unlikely to ever be able to sit up, but not moving about and lying with poor posture is likely to start causing Sadie discomfort, so doing regular exercises and giving her a good supportive chair / bed will help her immenseley.  We hope this equipment will be helpful and if so, we will then consider buying it.

The sleep system costs £300 and there's no funding available so I have approached SOFT for help and we are hoping that they can support us and in turn we will then do fundraising for SOFT of course.  Fingers crossed we can work that one out.

Sadie's having a snooze ready for her big afternoon.  Not been a good start to today as Sadie likes to wake at 3am and then every 2 hours after that (new routine she's decided on).  She started off happy and gurgling but had progressed to a very loud cry and we couldn't help her to calm.  I had to go to the post office and she screamed the whole time we were in there!  Ah well - she's peaceful now.  It gets very stressful worrying why she is crying (when there's no obvious reason) as we worry she is becoming unwell or suffering the start of organ failure - not great when paranoia features in your personality anyway!! She probably just had wind (she takes after her Daddy!)!

Well, wish us luck this afternoon!