The appointment to check out the sleep system was great.  It's so much more than a sleep system and we had Sadie lying on her tummy then in a comfy seated position and various others.  She smiled and gurgled lots and then nodded off, so we think it was a hit!  She was exhausted by the end of the day.

Physio is great for Sadie and Lisa, her physiotherapist was impressed by how much improvement there has been in her hands.  Sadie's fists have tended to be clenched with a flattened thumb (typical of Edwards Syndrome) but now she is opening her hands lots more and this opens up more opportunity for her to grab things.

Next week Sadie has a hydrotherapy appointment which I know she will love. It also means that I get to be in the water with her.  I had looked forward to swimming with my baby all through my pregnancy and I haven't been able to do so, so I am quite excited.  I'm a bit nervous about the session as meeting other parents with children who also have similar difficulties to Sadie is quite daunting.  Its another thing we never expected to do as parents.  I know all the other parents will have experienced similar feelings too at first so I am hoping they'll understand.

Sadie's having a big snooze right now.  She was a big girl last night and slept all night in her own room.  I missed her lots at first but I'll get used to it and she seemed pretty happy in there with all her lovely lights to calm her.

I have my counselling session today.  I often feel a bit weird about going because day to day, in general I feel pretty OK and have my head in a good place, but counselling forces me to visit the reality of what we've been through and what we're going to go through and that hurts accutely.  I know though that in the long run that will help because when I don't face things for a while it builds up as chest pain and anxiety, which isn't very nice.  Its a beautiful day so maybe I'll look forward to chilling under the oak tree with Sadie afterwards.

Something that has lifted my spirits no end is the amazing response I have had to this website.  The lovely comments we've had really gives us strength so thank you everyone! XXX