Sadie's been doing very well recently and putting up with mummy being unable to get out much (I'm a bit unwell, so just resting until things get better) and bless her I think she's a little bit bored.

Luckily Drew has been taking Sadie for some much loved walks and her strolls around the garden.  She loves fresh air and being outdoors so long as she's well out of the sun's glare.

Sadie's been trying to grab toys and can easily get her hand into her mouth so her coordination is improving well and she's certainly progressing at her own speed.

I've been pretty low recently (being tired and unable to get out can really get me down) but Sadie is great company and can really cheer me up (when she's not crying with colic and teething!) - she's so much fun as she's trying so hard to communicate and really gets noisy when she's trying to make a point.  Sadie's very giggly recently and gets a cheeky look about her as soon as her daddy walks in from work as she knows she'll get tickles.

I'm hoping I'll be able to get Sadie out more over the next few days and weeks - fingers crossed!!