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26/08/10 Update

Posted by Samara Collins on Thursday, August 26, 2010, In : Blog 
What a week!  So much has happened over the past few days.  Sadie and I ended up back in Francis House after Sadie stopped feeding and was very unwell.  She was having frequent apneas (where she stops breathing and turns blue) and just didn't want any feed.  It meant getting medicine down her was impossible too, so she was really suffering.

We took Sadie back to Francis House on Sunday night and she was fitted with a nasal gastric tube (NGT).  She's being fed that way now as she is struggling ...
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20/08/10 Update

Posted by Samara Collins on Friday, August 20, 2010, In : Blog 
Sadie had a really tough week as she was quite poorly over the weekend and continued to have episodes ofprolonged distress where she cannot be consoled in any way and she gets to a level where it is clear she is in a lot of pain and discomfort.  Sadie is generally a very happy little girl so we know that for her to get to such a level of distress there must be a real reason.

After seeing Sadie's paedeatrician again on Tuesday it was agreed that she would benefit most from the help at the hospi...
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15/08/10 Update

Posted by Samara Collins on Sunday, August 15, 2010, In : Blog 
Its been an awful week for our family. Sadie has been increasingly upset and distressed and spends the majority of her time unsettled, crying and often screaming for prolonged periods.  Looking back we have seen this build up over several weeks and its clear to see Sadie is in a lot of discomfort and pain.

We have seen and spoken with her GP and paedeatrician and Sadie now has some paracetamol that she takes in suppository form as she will not take oral medication.  Sadly this has not helped S...
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05/08/10 Update

Posted by Samara Collins on Friday, August 6, 2010, In : Blog 
Sadie's had a rough few days but seems to be a lot better. We noticed that Sadie was having frequent periods where she would become highly distressed without any warning or clear reason.  It is very hard to settle Sadie when she has these episodes and she gets very upset as if she is in real pain.

Sadie's GP came to see her and arranged for us to see her consultant paedeatrician at Macc hospital.  Sadie's had an x-ray and needs an ultrasound too to see what is what.  It is thought that it coul...
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"The Sweetest Gift" by Sade

Posted by Samara Collins on Thursday, August 5, 2010, In : Other 
Sade dedicated this song to the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity - caring for children (and their families) with terminal / life threatening illnesses.  I didn't realise that until I'd heard it a few times and noticed how the lyrics pretty much sum up how I feel. I thought I'd share them with you...

Quietly while you were asleep
the moon and I were talking
I asked that she'd always keep
you protected
She promised you her light
that you so gracefully carry
You bring your light and shine
like the morni...
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 Our last picture of Sadie - smiling as always.  Our brave, beautiful angel.

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