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30/06/10 Update

Posted by Samara Collins on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, In : Blog 
Sadie is 6 months old today!!  I cannot believe where the time has gone!

If you've read my previous blogs, you'll know that this huge milestone is something that we were told we should never hope to see but we are so lucky that Sadie has immense strength and a love for life and she has fought so hard to be here with us today.  Edwards Syndrome affects around 1 in 8000 babies and most never make it to birth.  Those who do, sadly hardly ever make it through the first 2 weeks.  In fact one (very ...
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20/06/10 Sadie's Poem to her Daddy on Fathers Day

Posted by Samara Collins on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, In : Other 
When you first held me in your arms on that cold December morn
I knew that you had loved me since long before I was born
You took such good care of me and my Mum
Learnt to feed me and how to clean my bum!
By my side night and day
You gave me strength all the way
Before I knew it, I was coming home
You took me in your arms and we went for a roam
To this day I still love when you show me our tree;
or you get me dance: it makes me feel free!
I once was so tiny; I slept on your chest
and Daddy your cuddles ...
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23/06/10 Hydro Update

Posted by Samara Collins on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, In : Blog 
Sadie and I are absolutely exhausted! I took Sadie for her first Hydrotherapy yesterday and it was a real experience for us both.  I found it tougher than I'd imagined.  I'd gone along feeling quite excited but as we arrived at the Park Lane School in Macclesfield (a superb facility!) I started to get a bit nervous.  Seeing the other children with disabilities at the school and taking in my surroundings really hit home to me that this is how things will be if we are lucky enough for Sadie to ...
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18/06/10 Update

Posted by Samara Collins on Friday, June 18, 2010, In : Blog 
A long night last night with Sadie wide awake and teething.  She's been teething on and off for a few weeks now and just wants to sit and chew our fingers.  Sadie spent last night with lots of cuddling and watching her disco lights.  In the end she had to come back in our room so I could get some sleep.  Joys of parenthood!  Thank goodness for coffee!

We had another physio session at home this morning and Lisa told me she can see improvements already from the exercises we do several times a da...
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15/06/10 Update

Posted by Samara Collins on Tuesday, June 15, 2010, In : Blog 
The appointment to check out the sleep system was great.  It's so much more than a sleep system and we had Sadie lying on her tummy then in a comfy seated position and various others.  She smiled and gurgled lots and then nodded off, so we think it was a hit!  She was exhausted by the end of the day.

Physio is great for Sadie and Lisa, her physiotherapist was impressed by how much improvement there has been in her hands.  Sadie's fists have tended to be clenched with a flattened thumb (typical...
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14/06/10 -Physio Appointment

Posted by Samara Collins on Monday, June 14, 2010, In : Blog 
Big day today... Drew, Sadie and I are off to Macc hospital to meet Sadie's physiotherapist, Lisa plus a rep from Leckey to discuss their Early Intervention sleep system (  Sadie has low tone, which means she can't support her head well and has not developed the strength other babies would normally have developed at 6 months.  She's unlikely to ever be able to sit up, but not moving about and lying with poor posture is likely to start caus...
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09/06/10 Article for SOFT Newsletter

Posted by Samara Collins on Sunday, June 13, 2010, In : Information 

Article for SOFT newsletter about my daughter, Sadie Elizabeth Collins


We honestly felt that the world had ended and that there would never be any more joy in our lives when we were told our precious baby girl would die. Sadie had arrived on 30/12/09 by caesarean and weighed 4lb 8oz and from the moment she let out her first little cry I felt that I had always known her and the love I felt was something I could never have imagined.  Upon hearing the most terrible and shocking words ...

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 Our last picture of Sadie - smiling as always.  Our brave, beautiful angel.

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