Its hard to believe that nearly 4 weeks have gone by since Sadie died.  Drew and I are doing OK.  Some days are really tough but we seem to be coping well enough to put a brave face on things the majority of the time.  All the same, the grief catches up with us most days and we're just taking it as it comes as we need to face the pain in order to get through it and become strong again.

Sometimes its such a shock that Sadie is gone.  She was very poorly but we lost her very quickly in the end and life without her is very hard. To say we miss her would be an understatement.

In all the 8 months Sadie was here Drew and I found that we had a strength from somewhere and we were so glad of it.  Perhaps it was Sadie whom we took our strength from, as you couldn't feel sorry for yourself with Sadie around.  We have days where we still feel strong, but its harder to know what to do with ourselves without Sadie here.  For me, I feel I have to gradually reaquaint myself with outside life and normality.  Its daunting, as my life was devoted to Sadie; never knowing how long that would be for.  I barely left the house for several months to ensure Sadie had the right care.

Sadie has left a huge hole in our lives and it will always be that way as she was full of life and spirit.  We all believe different things, but we believe that Sadie was very special and that she was given to us for a reason.  We feel lucky to have had her and we believe that her spirit lives on somewhere, watching over us.

It's been great to be able to share Sadie with everyone through this website.  I'll miss updating the blog, but I may put brief updates on here from time to time.

Thanks to everyone for all your wonderful support.