Sadie was born to 'We are the Champions' by Queen playing in the background. Little did we know how well it summed up her character - a true fighter!

Sadie was the happiest and most smiley baby you could ever wish to meet. She defied all the odds to be here and fought hard every day to stay with us as she loved life so much.

Every morning Sadie would greet us with a big gummy smileand enthusiasm for the day ahead. She would chatter away  saying 'la' and 'goo' as we carried her downstairs for her breakfast. So many times we would feel two big blue eyes upon us and turn to see Sadie gazing in love and wonder at our faces.

Sadie loved so many things.. looking at her oak tree in the garden, sucking her beloved dummy, staring at lights, having raspberries blown on her neck and lots of bouncing. She loved bath time and being cuddled dry afterwards.  She would even laugh at apparently nothing.

Sadie had lots of difficulties.  From breathing and feeding to terrible pain and discomfort.  She inspired us by dealing with it all so bravely.  She was always quick to smile when she felt a little better.

Sadie loved being cuddled and would get to know anyone she met by gazing happily at their face and she quickly came to recognise her close family and friends.

Sadie had so many visitors and she knew how much she was loved. She would watch and listen intently as we would sit and talk around her.  She was a little nosey parker!

Like her daddy, Sadie was a big fan of the outdoors and loved being shown around our garden as well as being out for buggy rides in Tattorn Park and around Mobberley.  Any journeys in her pram had to be across bumpy routes as this would make her smile.

There are so many memories and life lessons that Sadie has given us that we will treasure forever.  We are so hugely proud  of Sadie and it was a real honour to be her parents.  We miss Sadie deeply and always will.  She stays in our hearts forever.