At 3am on 10/03/11 it will be 6 months since Sadie has been gone.  We miss her so very much and I know she knows that. I tell her every day that I love her and she is always on my mind.  Sadie is a very special part of our family and I cannot believe we have survived for 6 months without her.  We have great joy in our lives again with Sadie's beautiful brother Pat, but although we will enjoy every moment of our life with our darling, precious son, this takes away none of the sadness or loss we feel.  We feel these extreme emotions simultaneously.

Well I just wanted to mark this milestone by saying how proud Drew and I are of Sadie.  She was such a wonderful little girl and has brought us so much happiness.  We are so glad she came into our lives and she is worth every moment of heartbreak.  When I think of Sadie, I remember how she loved to smile and make beautiful 'la' and 'goo' noises.  Even when she was suffering, Sadie was always quick to smile.  I will always remember her courage and dignity and she is a a bright light of hope and joy shining in my heart. 

Pat is very different to Sadie, but equally, he has similarities too.  He makes similar noises to Sadie and has some of her gorgeous quirkiness and feistiness.  I can tell he will grow to be a toughie like his big sister.  I am so proud of both my children and Drew and I feel blessed and thankful to be their parents.