Wish there was a way...

August 4, 2011
I miss you so much our darling baby girl.  You are always on my mind and there is always a huge Sadie-shaped hole in our family.  I wonder where you are and what life would be like if you had survived longer or if you had not had trisomy.  Its hard.  There are so many wonderful things in our lives(especially your wonderful little brother!) and I have met so many inspirational parents who have also lost their precious children.  Daddy and I try hard to make you proud and we are so glad we had you and grateful for all the time we shared with you  You are always our daughter and we love you so very much.  I wish there was a way to send you all our love. It makes me ache being unable to do that and I just needed to let you know.  Daddy, Pat and I love you so very much our gorgeous girly.

Six Months Ago...

March 9, 2011
At 3am on 10/03/11 it will be 6 months since Sadie has been gone.  We miss her so very much and I know she knows that. I tell her every day that I love her and she is always on my mind.  Sadie is a very special part of our family and I cannot believe we have survived for 6 months without her.  We have great joy in our lives again with Sadie's beautiful brother Pat, but although we will enjoy every moment of our life with our darling, precious son, this takes away none of the sadness or loss w...
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Sadie became a big sister

February 23, 2011
I am so pleased to announce that on 17/02/2011 Sadie became a big sister!  Patrick Richard Collins (Pat) was born at 9.35am weighing 6lb10.  He is absolutely gorgeous and has some of Sadie's chracteristics too.

We are delighted to be welcoming Pat into our family and feel very blessed to have another beautiful baby.  We know Sadie will be very proud and I have no doubt at all that she is watching over her little brother.

As we continue to learn to live without Sadie and to grieve for her, we ar...
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To our baby girl on her first Christmas

December 24, 2010
Our precious, beautiful little girl,
We miss you so very, very much as I am sure you know.  It isn't getting any easier and you have left a huge, huge hole in our lives.  You are in our thoughts constantly and we wonder where you are now and if you are happy.  We want to believe so much that you are in heaven and watching down on us, but sometimes its hard to accept.  We know you are no longer suffering and that you are peaceul now, but we miss you so terribly and nothing makes it OK that you ...
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New website and 2nd SOFT Article

October 10, 2010
I have started a new website to talk about my experience of losing Sadie: http://lifewithoutsadie.yolasite.com/
Also, please see attached document 'Article 2'.

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How we're doing

October 6, 2010
Its hard to believe that nearly 4 weeks have gone by since Sadie died.  Drew and I are doing OK.  Some days are really tough but we seem to be coping well enough to put a brave face on things the majority of the time.  All the same, the grief catches up with us most days and we're just taking it as it comes as we need to face the pain in order to get through it and become strong again.

Sometimes its such a shock that Sadie is gone.  She was very poorly but we lost her very quickly in the end a...
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Sadie's Eulogy - by Sam & Drew

September 26, 2010
Sadie was born to 'We are the Champions' by Queen playing in the background. Little did we know how well it summed up her character - a true fighter!

Sadie was the happiest and most smiley baby you could ever wish to meet. She defied all the odds to be here and fought hard every day to stay with us as she loved life so much.

Every morning Sadie would greet us with a big gummy smileand enthusiasm for the day ahead. She would chatter away  saying 'la' and 'goo' as we carried her downstairs for he...
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From Sadie's Funeral (17/09/10) - The Cord

September 26, 2010
We are connected, my child and I
by an invisible cord, not seen by the eye
It's not like the cord that connects us til birth
this cord can't been seen by any on earth
This cord does it's work right from the start
it binds us together attached by my heart
I know that it's there, though no one can see
the invisible cord from my child to me
The strength of this cord is hard to describe
it can't be destroyed, it can't be denied
it's stronger than any cord man can create
it withstands the tests, can hold any...
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 Our last picture of Sadie - smiling as always.  Our brave, beautiful angel.

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